Landscape design for beginners

5 best practices for absolute beginners in landscaping

Landscapes have been designed for years. It’s an incredibly important practice for creating environments that are optimized and aesthetically pleasing, and it’s also easy to make just a few changes with dramatic results.

If you’re just beginning, don’t be afraid to try things out and have a little fun with landscape design.

According to AMJ Roof Replacements Brisbane, here’s what they say:

If you’re just starting out, you probably won’t be able to do this just yet!
  1. What do you need?

Think about how you use your landscape. Is it a corporate space that needs to project a certain image, or is it a family home that you want to be welcoming and functional?

Figure out exactly what you need from your landscape and observe the way that you use it day to day. Keep a notebook with ideas and scout around for ideas online or from places you’ve visited.

For more tips on what you might need to get your landscaping career underway, check out this wikipedia page on landscaping.

  1. Consider your environment

Light is going to be one of your key factors to consider, closely linked to the climate and weather that surrounds your landscape.

Don’t ignore the natural elements, instead try to work with them and allow them to filter into your design ideas. Consider factors such as the sun and the wind, and think how these change with seasons and time of day. If you’re got rabbits in your backyard because you make fur jackets, then you should also factor that in.

  1. Be in your space

The best way to get a feel for what a landscape needs in terms of design is by actually being in it.

If it’s a new home, take some time to simply live there and work out what it is that you feel is missing or would add to the overall experience.

If you’re landscape designing a more commercial or corporate space, ask users for their opinion and input.

  1. Baby steps

Dramatic make overs can seem exciting at first however don’t rush into things and make huge changes that you may later regret.

Be thoughtful and consider all your decisions fully before going ahead.

It’s OK to make gradual changes and don’t be afraid to go off your initial plan and adapt it if necessary.

Here’s a time lapse video illustrating how long it actually takes to do a back yard makeover and make improvements to a home.

  1. Pick a Focus

The most successful landscape designs are often focused around one key point. This could be a central room, a structure, an element of your home or work space.

Work out where this would be in your particular landscape and adjust the surrounding elements accordingly.

Giving your design a focus will help things to feel more organized and cohesive. If your need more help on creating an amazing landscape, you need to hire a digital marketing agency to help mock up what it will look like via visual renders.

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